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Yodha launches Spanish version of the astrological app

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Aug 30, 2021

Yodha launches Spanish version of the astrological app

Yodha Astrology and Horoscope app aimed at giving predictions from Nepalese astrologers launched the Spanish version of the app. The app has real professional Vedic gurus behind the screen who can serve as personal advisors.

The user-friendly service proposes you to enter the date, time, and place of your birth and ask a question on any topic.  True Nepalese guru makes a precise personalized prediction based on the analysis of your data. Questions can relate to any sphere of your life: from whether you get your own business launched this year to whether you get married soon. One of the main advantages of the app is that there are no automated templates, and the content is unique and fully personalized. The concept of personalization of the app was viewed as crucial by the users and after the first week of using the app, they reviewed it with 4,9 stars.

After downloading the app you may receive one free question.

“All the answers are thoroughly prepared by real Nepalese astrologers, who combine the usage of modern astrological programs with ancient Vedic knowledge. In the past Vedic astrology was often used to intimidate people, and predictions usually had a pessimistic connotation.  It often happens when the planets are retrograde and may cause difficulties in people`s lives. Instead of focusing on possible issues, our carefully selected team of astrologers suggests a solution to compensate for the negative influence of planets, whether it is a choice of a certain color, gemstone, or charity on a certain day. In addition to an accurate forecast, we also want to inspire people, make them believe in themselves and overcome the uncertainty that we all faced, especially during the pandemic reality, “- says Anton Zvyagintsev, CEO of Yodha app developer company.

The other source of inspiration from the app is Thoughts of the day – daily renewed quotes and sayings for raising the spirits and starting the day mindfully. By checking the quotes daily, you get credits per day. When you get 1000 credits, you receive the opportunity to ask a question for free. Thoughts of the day are only available in the English version of the app.

Apart from this, astrologers in the app can help to find gemstones, which tend to strengthen or weaken the influence of the planets on the person and bring positive energy for your comfort and harmony.

Since the launch of the English version of the app, the Yodha astrologers have managed to answer more than 10 million questions.

If you like the forecasts given by a certain astrologer, you can also book him to answer your questions.

About Yodha

Yodha is a team of authentic Nepali astrologers and professional developers.  Since 2013, when the company launched its first astrological app, it has been making specialized Vedic astrology accessible to people all over the globe in a convenient, effective, reliable, and affordable way. The real Nepali astrologers are experienced professionals who are consistently offering an astrology reading that is far beyond the ordinary.

PUBLISHED ON Aug 30, 2021