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Am I on the right path? How Astrology Can Change Your Life

Oct 5, 2021

Am I on the right path? How Astrology Can Change Your Life

Astrology is a very unique field, which can not only answer some of your questions but also help to understand the deepest emotions and various predispositions for them based on the planets. It can help to find the characteristics which will bring the hidden talents to your attention and change the direction of various aspects of life. At Yodha we love to hear feedback from our users because they serve as a source of our inspiration. One of the most popular discovering peculiarities mentioned in the reviews is the accuracy of our answers. Around 90% of our users point out its comprehensiveness, but the best feedback from our users is when they share their stories with us. They tend to tell how our predictions helped them solve their questions and even make life-changing decisions. We want to share one of these stories from our users from Wisconsin with you.

“From the beginning of my college life, I was highly dependent on my parents’ opinion. When I was choosing my career, I decided to go with an option that my parents proposed to me. That’s how I majored in accounting. However, once college started, I realized that there were a lot of issues that I didn’t like in that sphere, but still decided to graduate in the same profession. Once I entered the job market, my decision felt more and more wrong. I was constantly stuck with tons of papers and numbers which I soon started to hate. Every weekday I woke up with the only thought, that just in a few days there will be a weekend. I was constantly tired and depressed. Things became even worse once the pandemic hit. I was among the people who lost their jobs and had to cancel all of my plans to have a vacation in Australia. This idea gave me hope for relief, like a lighthouse, and when I realized I wouldn’t be able to go,

I was broken into pieces. Even though I hated my job, I needed the money to survive. Now the only option was to start looking for a new one, but I didn’t have any power to do it, especially since I lost the only thing I was waiting for, my vacation.

Deeply depressed and scared, I spent most of my time online trying to find something that will uplift my mood. At one point, I came across an article that was telling about the ways that astrology can help to fight anxiety. Even though I was very skeptical about those things, I decided to try since I had nothing to lose. I got my phone and downloaded Yodha Astrology and Horoscope app.

I decided to start by asking the question which seemed rather simple but pretty important: Which career should I choose? After analyzing my birth chart the astrologer provided me with the answer: “Due to Mercury placed on the 2nd house in the Gemini sign, you seem to have pretty good communication skills, know how to interact with other people, easily find new friends, and perceive your goals”. In addition, according to my horoscope, I had great analytical skills. The prediction told me that I should find a job, where there is a need to inspire people and to use presentational skills. The astrologer proposed me to focus on a career such as sales or strategic communication since I was more than skilled for that.

After reading the prediction, I started to realize that I was actually fond of spending time with other people. That realization made me start searching for job opportunities in PR management. It would’ve seemed out of the blue since I didn’t have any previous experience, but actually, it wasn’t true. I had experience writing for different local magazines in college. I sent my resume to a company that was famous in PR and fashion. I never thought that I had any chance of getting a job offer, but sometimes life doesn’t give you lemons but instead serves you great lemonade. That happened to me and I got a job offer. As a PR Manager, I was responsible for communicating with different media and TV channels, working with the influencers, and writing articles about fashion, which I was always keen on.

I worked at that company for almost half a year but still felt like something was missing. Even though I had the job of my dreams, it didn’t feel right. I spent most of my time working online and realized that I stopped going out almost completely. I saved a lot of money on commuting, but at the same time lost a chance to be around people. I thought that even with an online job I would’ve been way happier if I worked from home but somewhere on the beach of the Caribbean sea and not in boring Wisconsin. That’s where I decided to turn to Yodha for help once again. I asked a question: Why don’t I feel happy? The astrologer told me that due to the negative influence of planets, when either Rahu and Moon, or Ketu and Moon, would be placed in conjunction on the ascendant resulting in Eclipse (Grahan Yog) everything will get better. However, the astrologer noted that I had to think about what I actually always wanted but constantly postponed because there was approaching a period when it is best to act rather than dream about the possible plans.

That’s when I started thinking about what I actually always wanted. My dream was to live near the beach and have a chance to go to the sea each morning to surf the beautiful waves. It was my dream since I was just a little girl and had my first experience surfing with my father. However, I always felt that it was a dream which would never come true. I tried to put the thought of moving close to the sea aside because I had a lot of fears, but there was something that made me come back to that dream every few hours.

One day, when I was working on my computer and looking at the raindrops falling down in front of me on the window, I decided to take a break and open the Yodha app one more time. When I opened the app, I saw the “Thoughts of the day,” where I read “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” That’s when it hit me– it was finally time to act and perceive my dreams.

I realized that there was nothing holding me in Wisconsin, I could pack my things and go to a sunny place. That’s what I did. After a few weeks, I was surfing in Tamarindo — a beautiful village on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Soon, I noticed that I stopped feeling anxious and depressed. The warm weather, constant sun, and movement were making my body and soul feel finally healed and happy. I started treating my work with way more enthusiasm and creativity because now, I had better work and life balance, could do the thing I love, and spend my free time living my dream. So here I am now, living in a paradise for 2,5 months. And if somebody told me I could swim in the sea every day being not on a vacation — I wouldn’t believe it!”

All the great changes come from small beginnings. Sometimes, we just need some extra reinforcement or the right words to make us finally change our lives for the best. We can all make ourselves happy, we just need to find the right adviser and believe in ourselves to make our dreams come true.

PUBLISHED Aug 23, 2021, 3 on Medim.com Am I on the right path? How Astrology Can Change Your Life