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3 Ways how Vedic astrology can help in everyday life

Aug 23, 2021

3 Ways how Vedic astrology can help in everyday life

Have you ever been in a position when something has been bugging you for quite some time, but you don’t want to bother your friends and family about it? A lot of people have found the answer in astrology. Once you start to understand it, you realize how helpful it can be. Even though it won’t necessarily give you all the answers, it can definitely provide some deep insight into the questions you have and make your life better.

Understanding Vedic Astrology

In order to start your journey with astrology, it is important to differentiate between Vedic and Western astrology. Here are some differences between the two:

– Vedic astrology focuses on the Moon in a sign along with the Ascendant (Lagna) for the calculations, unlike Western astrology that focuses on the Sun, which makes the predictions very different in terms of calculations and meaning. Vedic astrology tends to be more precise due to the fact that it is better at describing the soul’s nature and predicting future events.

– Vedic astrology uses 2 more shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu, for the calculations, which are not used in Western astrology. These shadow planets can help to make better predictions in terms of your karma, illusions, and the meaning of past actions to the future/

– Vedic astrology bases the calculations on the raising planet at the moment of birth, so there is also a huge difference between the Zodiac signs due to the calculations. There can be two different signs which change your horoscope predictions and astrological calculations. This also explains why you don’t necessarily recognize yourself in horoscopes from Western professionals and can’t rely on them.

Vedic Astrology as a part of your life

These are only a few differences that demonstrate how the two are varying from each other. The main point is that in Vedic astrology the calculations are more detailed and precise, so it tends to give a better perspective on the lifestyle. This is why it is important for a lot of people and can be important for you as well, especially, if you want to make life-changing decisions.

Even though for most people astrology tends to be associated with horoscopes, it’s way greater than that. Astrology can drastically change the perception of yourself and become a personal guide in your career path, in your relationships with people, as well as a path to a harmonious life.

So let`s look closer at its practical usage.

Start journey into your living abroad

In the age of the pandemic, it became very hard to travel and move around, especially, if you have family and kids. However, if you get offered a great travel deal or your dream job abroad, you need to make this decision for yourself and your family. Astrology can help to find the answers to the questions which were bugging you and help to realize all pros and cons of the decision. Even though it won’t necessarily give you direct yes or no, it can give you a greater perspective and more food for thought.

Get yourself a personal career advisor

Another important part that astrology can play in your life is your career. Most of us tend to ask ourselves if we chose the right job and education since sometimes we have to make those decisions just based on the statistics of highly paid jobs or advice from our close circle of people. For example, if you started your journey as an economist, but really quickly realized that it wasn’t a path for you, astrology can help to calculate the key indicators for the dream job and sphere. It can show that your main strength could be communication and friendliness, which could help to restructure your career search in the right direction and eliminate a lot of professions that are not on your skill list.

Improve relationships

Let’s face another factor that a lot of us think about — relationships. It doesn’t necessarily mean romantic relationships but also relationships with friends and family. We all have issues that we are not comfortable discussing even with our dearest friends, astrology can become a close advisor and guard in this field as well. Vedic Astrology can focus on various factors that affect your relationships and help to guard you in the direction of the right decision. Again, it won’t typically give you the right answer, but rather lead you in the right direction.

How to get Astrology in your life?

Now I guess most of you will start wondering how to get acquainted with astrology. Actually, it can be very simple. There are a lot of apps for Android and iOS that can guide you. Horoscope and Astrology app by Yodha provides you with the opportunity to communicate with the authentic Nepalese astrologers from NAC (Nepal Astrological Center). The app has been developed as a personal advisor which can guard your life and answer most of your important questions. In the app, you can ask the astrologers varying questions and they will provide the answers based on your data (time, date, and place of your birth). The app also offers different functions, such as “Thought of the Day,” which serves as a daily inspiration, and birth time rectification (defining the exact time of your birth which is of great importance for calculations). With true Nepalese astrologers behind the screen, all predictions are fully personalized and no automatic templates are used.

In the era of mindfulness finding your personal astrological advisor can be as important as a psychologist. Astrology changed the quality of life of many people and, hopefully, it will do the same for you.

PUBLISHED Aug 23, 2021, 3 on Medim.com 3 Ways how Vedic astrology can help in everyday life